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Years of experience in the field, and liberal amounts of creativity and innovation for a team whose mission is to deliver the best machinery possible for you to obtain the best possible results. We presented our first machine, PRO REVOLUTION I, to the world at the Spannabis 2018 fair in Barcelona, Spain. We were overwhelmed by the public’s general reactio,n and would like to thank everybody who gave the Wextract team a well deserved recognition,, a big thank you to you all!
29 July 2018

Unique in size, it is the solution to optimize this part of work. Ideal for working with traditional teams of…

24 July 2018

Wextract presents the new and improved industrial size of a classic, creating a revolution in the market with its new…

19 July 2018
Evolution Pro

This machine is used to cut the leaves of our marijuana plants. It is very effective and simple to use:…