Available in 3 models:

12kg / h - fresh leaves.
15kg / h - fresh leaves
20kg / h - fresh leaves

Thanks to its small size, light weight and wheels, Radical can easily be moved from one crop to another.

Frame made of aluminum to make it light in the movements.

1.5 HP industrial engine offers high performance in durability, the 420 hardened stainless steel blade that ensures a smooth and continuous work in safety.

Cooled by the fan, which at the same time inhales the cut leaves and sends them in a recovery bag. The blade mounted on cushioned UCFL 200 series supports, incorporates a regulator that allows us to raise and lower the blade, adjusting the cut to the preferred size, we recommend (0,025) mm between the blades.

Upper tube in stainless steel, mounted on acetal wheels, long lasting and with sealed internal bearings, industrial reduction motor.

Independent safety on / off switch.

Our machine comes with a vacuum cleaner, extraction tubes and a bag to recover the cut leaves.

Designed for easy cleaning, it can be removed in one minute and is easily accessible for cleaning the blade and the pipe.ade and the pipe.

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