Wextract presents the new and improved industrial size of a classic, creating a revolution in the market with its new tech and engineering for professionals, PRO-Revolution I.
Build with Aisi 304 stainless steel, 150µm filtre also in Aisi 304 s.s.. Variable and adjustable speed available both for the machine and the tumbler.
PRO-Revolution I is easy to assemble and to maintain. It also has a draw for recollection.


Height 100cm/ Width-240cm/Tube Diam. 48×2,30cm/ Engin- 3CV + Reductor/ Voltage 380V / Regulator 220V a380V/Elect. Con. 220V

PRO-Revolution I offers a solution like no other in the market, simply because it is the oly machine of this kind, being desgined to cover the demand of big productions.
It separates (dry) the rosin from the vegetal part, reducing the volumen, the product maximizes its cannabinoid concentration.
It is better to work-dry-cold, as humidity blocks the filters, increasing the maintenance time.
Just under the responsibility of one person, its 3CV engine allows the machine to work 24/7. It processes around 250kg of veg product in 8hr.

Unique for its dimensions & for the solution it brings to your industrial needs, the PRO Revolution I revolution your work methodology, maximizing your product, time, and obtaining 100% Wextract quality.

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