It has been created to meet the demands of large producers.
Built on the same principles as the Mt Gentle, but more powerful and offering a higher production per hour.
The softest way to trim your plants to perfection.
The safest, cleanest and fastest way to clean your plants.
Made of stainless steel without any kind of paint to avoid contaminating the flowers.
Stainless steel is characterized as a hygienic, clean and durable material. In addition, it prevents oxidation.
Tempered steel blades and a frequency regulator for the upper fingers.
With an electrical motor and a gear motor with great power in order to move the flowers without jams or overheating the motor.
Very quiet.
Equipped with a powerful motor and 4 sharp and calibrated Blades of hardened Steel for a durable and precision cut.
The block is held by 4 legs that give a stability that no other trimmer offers.
Speed control of the upper fingers. Being able to adapt the speed of movement to the type of flower to trim.